Alpine Dermatology Clinic offers their patients suffering from common skin conditions the best solution in the southeast Idaho area when it comes to an essential and accurate diagnosis. Rexburg’s only board certified dermatologist, Dr. Marshall, and his professionally-trained staff provide the most advanced and effective treatment for psoriasis, rosacea, sun spots, warts and skin tags, skin infections, hair loss, nail abnormalities, eczema, birthmarks, skin allergies, persistent rashes and more.

With your first comprehensive exam Dr. Marshall will evaluate your condition and pinpoint a treatment that will get you back to feeling, and looking, your best. Not sure of your skin condition’s name in dermatological language? Type in the words you do know like ‘itchy red rash’ up in our search bar at the top of the page or go to our Skin Conditions page to see if your symptoms match up with a diagnosis. If not, call us and we’ll get you diagnosed right away — sometimes we have openings on the same day that you call.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Dr. Marshall do wart destruction and removal?
YES! The most common procedure performed to remove warts is cryosurgery. In a nutshell, liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the lesion. He may also choose to inject the wart with candida antigen or use electrodesiccation to destroy the wart.

Do we participate with Accutane and the iPledge programs?
YES! Our office staff will help you keep track and manage your program while keeping your acne under control and your skin looking great.

Can Dr. Marshall remove moles?
YES! Mole removal, depending on the circumstances is performed by a shave biopsy, a punch biopsy or an excision. He will know for sure what will work best for your mole after your intial exam.

What is Dr. Marshall’s #1 beauty and skin health secret?
Be Sun Smart. That’s right, it doesn’t seem like a secret, but many people still haven’t made a habit out of protecting their skin. Especially while doing less obvious activities like being in the car, office, shopping, exercising or going to a barbecue.